Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We're in this together

Before Christmas, I passed out small gifts to my colleagues here at the office. Normally, I don't do gifts for everyone, but this year has found me truly in their debt for all the help they have provided with bringing Myles to the office and my ever-insane client schedule. When one colleague said, "Thank you for the gift, but you didn't have to do that," I explained how grateful I was and I wished I could do more to say thank you. And that's when she shocked me by saying, "Hey, we're all in this together."

I'm so used to people being out for themselves and/or resentful when they are called upon to help someone else. You know..."call me if you need anything"...but then when you do call (for good reason) they act as if you've asked them to scale Mount Everest. It never occurred to me that they felt this way...that they actually didn't mind helping me. And I have to say, I feel quite a bit of love for the people I work with today because of it.

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