Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Belief system

Sam: "I want a Wii for Christmas."

Me: "It's either a Wii or a vacation and I, personally, would prefer a vacation."

Sam: "I know who can afford to get me a Wii...Santa Claus!"
He announced his foolproof plan on the way home from school yesterday..."I will wear my pajamas inside out and backwards and that will be good luck for a snow day...no school!"

He was extremely disappointed this morning when school wasn't called off because of snow. In fact, there hadn't been but a few flakes all night long.
Me: "I got you a little surprise from Walmart."

Sam: "Is it a Nintendo DS." (it was $4 Star Wars pajamas)
Sam: "God controls the weather."

Me: "Really? How do you know?"

Sam: "Caleb told me so."


Holley said...

The cousins received a Wii from Santa this year and Angie was able to play it at Grandma's.

Angie wanted a Wii immediately. I told her that we could start working together and saving for a Wii but she would need to do her jobs around the house. Our goal is to buy a WIi in December 2010.

Since we had a plan, Angie was appeased. And she's doing jobs around the house again. I hope this lasts.

MB said...

Kala told Grace at school that she had been attacked by a shark in Texas...a Great White no less. After much discussion about a lack of scarring or loss of limbs and a talk about temperatures in the Gulf being too warm for Great Whites, I think she gets that something isn't right, but I still keep hearing "But Kayla said so..." I hope she wises up before high school or we are screwed.