Monday, December 22, 2008

It's an office job

Is the office important to you? How important?

My job is a job. I like it well enough, but my identity is not as defined by my work as my husband's is. It's an odd sort of situation to be in, trying to understand his desire to drive an hour in low-visibility snow and 21 degree winds to an office (when, as I understand it, the majority of his work can be done via computer from home).

Truth be told, I don't understand it. It makes me quite cranky, in fact. I am incredibly thankful to have a vacation day today whereas he does not seem at all deterred by roads that are described on the news broadcasts as "treacherous." AND he seems to think it humorous that I worry about his safety. It perplexes me. (Of course, he is equally perplexed by my temper tantrums over the lack of help with household chores...or the lack of "thank you" in this house.)

I guess it's ARE from Mars...where it is snowy and cold and they are crazy stubborn.


Kathy McC said...

I hear ya. We have the same argument in our house. Every year.

Shinny said...

Steve is the same way. His job is SO important, according to him. If that is the case why isn't he bringing home more bacon then me? ;) Plus he has a 2 hour drive and mine is only 20 minutes on good roads. yet he insists on going in come hell or high water.
Happy Holidays! We are debating whether or not to drag my parents, who flew in from Mexico for Christmas, to the in-laws today. I say we can do Christmas with the in-laws anytime, but the husband is pitching a shit fit over that one too. Wish me luck. ;)