Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Friday

9 bags Hershey's
1 bag GummiSavers
1 Theraflu warming
2 Maybelline lipgloss
1 xmas generic post-its
1 candy can ink pen
1 bag gummy worms
1 photo travel mug
$20.79 spent
$38.09 saved in coupons
$3.99 Theraflu rebate pending

1 impulse buy small gift for friend
1 crock candle
6 rolls Scotch gift wrap tape
2 Jane blushes
$10.86 spent
$10.77 saved
$2 Scotch tape rebate pending

Tip for this week - Instead of allowing Sam to buy worthless junk at the school's Santa shop, I took him to the Dollar Store and he found decent gifts for everyone in the family without breaking the bank. AND he found gifts for his school Christmas party gift exchange. AND I found perfect gifts for my secret santa exchange at work. AND we bought Christmas wrapping paper and bows for all our Christmas packages. This really stretched our budget much farther than I thought possible. And we discovered that our store even has a frozen food section...if you need to stretch your grocery dollar.

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