Monday, December 15, 2008

Brain overload

It took me three tries to get everything packaged into the holiday package for my Secret Santa.

I've been to the store several times and always drive up the driveway when I get home and say, "Poor Santa, I forgot to buy a lightbulb for him again." (the giant plastic Santa on our front porch was knocked over during a wind storm and his light bulb stopped working)

It took me two hours to write the statement of the case in the appellate brief I'm working on today (never mind the seemingly endless misspellings and grammatical errors contained therein).

I forgot to eat my yogurt for breakfast and my apple with my lunch.

I had Steve mail Christmas cards...except he couldn't mail ONE because it didn't have any postage on idea why. (Sorry will get there eventually, I promise.)

I only have a bit more "Christmas stuff" to accomplish before the actual day...but I have two hearings and the aforementioned appellate brief due as well.

I'm afraid my brain may explode.


Kathy McC said...

I got your card today! I decided not to send Christmas cards at all this year because of brain overload. I decided it wasn't worth me losing my mind. You are a much better person than I! :-)

kate said...

I seem to have become too depressed to do any Christmas stuff at all. Dunno what's up with that either.