Friday, November 07, 2008

More school worries

So things have gone from strange to stranger in Samuel's school world.

A couple of weeks ago, he brought home a book to read. It was, according to his proud proclamation, "the hardest reader the teacher has." He read it in under one minute. No, I'm not kidding. He whipped through the one-sentence-per-page book practically without taking a breath. I brushed off my mommy instinct and convinced myself I was worrying about nothing.

Then he came home with the two-or-three-sentence-per-page book about snakes. He stumbled over the word "reticulated" during the first reading. It was easy peasy after that. He reported that when he had to read it to the classroom reading volunteer yesterday he, "even remembered the word reticulated" without a problem. Reticulated. In first grade.

He missed two days of class and was greeted with an intimidating pile of worksheets to complete. He did so in about an hour and a half. The most difficult exercises are the new addition skills...the rest I suspect he could do with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back.

Parent-teacher conferences are Monday evening. As always, it's going to be interesting.


lorem ipsum said...

Yes, it is worrisome when your child is smarter than his teacher (and that's speculation on my part, but likely the case). Wait till he starts correcting her.

KB said...

Try what I tried (and got nowhere, I might add) - "So what are you doing to challenge her?", when told by my dd's kindy teacher that she was "bright... really bright. did you know she could read?"

Uhhh yeah.... she's been reading for like a YEAR and chapter books at that, and here they want her to learn the LETTERS.

Thanks guys.

There don't seem to be IEPs for the bright ones.

Aurelia said...

yeah, these days the homework is riduculous, lots and lots but pretty easy.

If you get no where with the teacher ask the principal about getting him tested. They don't do it in our public system until grade 4, but you might be able to get him tested privately. It might cost some bucks though...sigh. Meantime, get him some harder books at the library, just so he doesn't get bored.