Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home for the holidays

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Here are some highlights from our weekend...

The obligatory family Thanksgiving dinner picture. No fancy dishes here (note the plastic mixing bowl in the middle of the table?)...maybe when the boys are a little older and their mother is a little less clumsy ( that will ever happen).

Some people enjoy is our annual Thanksgiving lightsaber battle.

Yes, this is our house. Yes, we decorated in what my family calls "Grandma style." Yes, that is a large plastic light up Santa. Yes, I love it.

This is one of four cats in our house...IN our Christmas tree. Good thing we decorate with toddler-proof ornaments and decorations.

This is the man I love. The father of my children. He keeps me smiling.

And I think the previous picture explains this one.

The only photo you will see of Myles with any kind of Santa. He has decided he does not care for the jolly old elf. In fact, I'd venture a guess that he kinda hates him...he screams bloody murder whenever he sees him...even this fake plastic version (which makes us giggle quite a bit).

This is what it's like to celebrate the holidays around here. Pretty, but half the ornaments belong to little people who aren't here.


lorem ipsum said...

I feel all cocoa-warm inside!

Would you consider coming over and decorating our place, too? You're so organized!

Julia said...

That last picture... I wish you peace this holiday season in your spirited house.

Sarah said...

It looks like you have a fun bunch at your place. I don't know many people who have an annual lightsaber battle. lol

Holley said...

Excellent form in the lightsaber duel. Well trained they are.