Sunday, November 16, 2008


(ring, ring, ring)

Me: Hello?

Voice on the phone: Hi!

Me: Hi...

Voice on the phone: Hi!

Me: Who is this?

Voice on the phone: Kaylee (sounding as if I should recognize her name and voice)

Me: Kaylee, I think maybe you dialed the wrong number honey, you need to hang up and have your mommy dial again for you.

Voice on the phone: OK

I relay the conversation to Steve and Sam...thinking Kaylee was trying to reach someone she regularly talks to on the phone.

Sam: Maybe it's Kaylee from my class.

Me: Does Kaylee from your class have your phone number?

Sam: No, we're not allowed to exchange phone numbers in class.

Me: Then how would Kaylee have your number?

(ring, ring, ring)

Me: Hello?

Voice on the phone: Hi!

Me: Hi...who is this?

Voice on the phone: Kaylee

Me: Hi Kaylee...who are you looking for?

Voice on the phone: Samuel

Me (laughing): Samuel? How did you get Samuel's phone number Kaylee?

Voice on the phone: He wrote it down on a piece of paper for me.

Me (laughing even harder): Oh he did, did he?'s for you...

Thanks to Kaylee, Samuel received his first lesson in telephone etiquette.

#1 Don't give out mommy's cell phone number unless you ask mommy if it's ok first.

#2 When you call someone and they answer the phone, say, "Hello, this is Samuel Colgan...may I please speak with...?"

(I am SO not ready for this.)


BasilBean said...

Wow! No kidding you aren't ready for this--I wouldn't have expected a call from a girl for another 5 years or so.

Yikes. I guess times have changed.

Kathy McC said...

So SO cute! I can't believe it starts this early...

MB said...

THAT is funny.

marcia said...

I'm smiling because this reminds me of the time my brother, also in first grade at the time, got in trouble with the school because he and his little girlfriend, who lived around the corner from us, were holding hands as they left the school to walk home together. I'm guessing someone from the school must have called our parents, because I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have confessed to his horrid transgression!! Get ready, Catherine...this is only the beginning with such a cutie! :)

The Bus Driver said...

see you didnt listen closely to what Sam said..... he said "we arent allowed to exchange phone numbers IN CLASS....." in his mind, it was OK to exchange it at recess.

of course i'm joking here lol.

KSD said...

Funny that she knows him as "Samuel." He's trying to cultivate an image already?!

Julia said...

Oh boy...
And I sooooo hear you--- we have something similar going on here. She tells me she has a boyfriend in her class now, though she is not particularly consistent on whether the kid knows he is one. He is a nice kid, and he is very happy to have playdates and all... I just somehow thought we have a few years still until the "play" part of that gets dropped...