Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear customer service

Dear Gerber: I love the convenience of those little plastic baby food containers with the snap on lids. I will not, however, be buying them again until you make them out of recyclable plastic. I think it's a little more important to preserve the planet for my son's future as it is to be able to conveniently carry his baby food anywhere I go. Also, we live near a landfill (too near)...we know where those things go. Would it really cost that much more to use recyclable plastic?

Dear customer service guy who called me on the phone and, when told I couldn't afford to buy another warranty on the 2005 Caravan I hate, asked me, "Well if you can't afford the warranty, how are you going to afford it if it breaks down?" I DON'T KNOW! This is something I worry about late at night and I don't appreciate you adding to my worry stress level. Also (as I said), I don't need to argue with you about it. You're not my husband (didn't say that) and I don't owe you and explanation. If you have some brilliant ideas about how I can afford to buy your plan and still pay for the $85 worth of groceries I need this week, I would LOVE to hear them.

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kate said...

The gerber containers used to be a 6, like yogurt containers. Did they change it?

I now get phone calls about warranties ALL THE TIME, for everything (even the electric bill?) It is very annoying. I guess with the economy in the toilet they are trying to drum up business?

Max & Theo are fighting over the vacuum cleaner. I mean really tooth & nail fighting....why doesn't THAT last past toddlerhood?