Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vote NO on Issue 19

Today's mail has buoyed my spirits regarding our house/landfill situation. I can't re-print it here because it is two pages, front and back, with color photos of what the dump actually looks like. I would say that the most effective bit is the large font question, "Do You Want 75 Years and 400 Acres of This in Your Community?" underneath two very nasty photos of a mountain of trash. I HOPE people think about this question before they vote.

But more than that, I hope that they understand that allowing this to go forward means our zoning authority is for sale. Those who toss the most money around can get whatever they want and those of us without any money will be forced to submit to their wishes. Nobody will be safe.

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Julia said...

Oh, good. I was wondering whether there was organized opposition to the thing. Hope the issue goes down in flames.