Saturday, October 25, 2008

Super Saturday

Today I did it all. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to make such a bold statement...because it's true.

I started off the day meeting some fascinating people and canvassing neighborhoods for the Obama campaign. I had the chance to talk with one woman...72 years old...who is voting for Obama because she has, in her words, "had enough." As I chatted with her in this chilly October morning, I felt as though something clicked into place for me.

All this time, I have wondered who lives behind the darkened windows of the houses I pass every day. And there she was...a widow of three months who visited her friend in West Virginia last week and was horrified to find prejudice and hatred still lurk in some people's hearts. There she was...wearing her robe over her sweatsuit and watching the Food Network with her cat. There she was...with her own life story and her own hope for something better.

After canvassing, I headed out to watch my six-year-old son play his last soccer game of this year. He's still no better than he was last year and he is still far too hard on himself for his lack of skill. But I couldn't be prouder of him for making a choice to participate and sticking it out until the end of the season.

After soccer my parents came to our house for lunch. Myles was full of smiles and contagious laughter that filled the house until it almost made me cry with happiness.

This evening was the daycare Halloween party. Kids in costume. Apple cider and any kind of sugary treat imaginable. Hay rides. A bonfire. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

And while there, I couldn't help but look around at all those little tiny faces...and wonder who they would be in another 70 years...what stories they would tell to the person who knocks on their door on a chilly October morning. I have hope for all of them...even more so after today...because I know I'm not the only one.

And as I reflect on this day, I can say that I did it all. I influenced a Presidential campaign. I spent time in the company of my amazingly loving family. I ate more Halloween treats than should be legal. Today was very very good.


lorem ipsum said...

I campaigned for Bill Clinton--twice--and even got to meet him. I remember how my heart swelled with pride each time when he took the oath of office. I helped do this.

And I remember thinking also: Please don't screw this up.

It's hard to be passionate anymore. I'm so happy you're living it for your kids and for yourself and for that 72-year-old woman and for people who don't deserve or believe it but need a change from a disaster they've come to believe is the best thing there is. Brava!

Antigone said...

I can't imagine a better Saturday.

KSD said...

And very, very good for you. Well done!

B said...

Every once in a while, (more times on your blog than not) I come across a post that I just 'get'. What a great reminder of the paradigm in which we live; sometimes the beauty in the 'ordinary' is more beautiful than we could ever anticipate. Great post.