Thursday, October 16, 2008

Report card time

No grades for the first six weeks of first grade (yeah, I thought so too).

Samuel is keeping with the class nicely. He can decode short vowel words. He can also read short three words sentences fluently. Please make flashcards to practice at home. There is a word list included in this report card. I also encourage students to practice reading every night. Samuel can print neatly. He can also count to at least 26. I hope that Samuel works hard and has a wonderful school year.

Satisfactory Effort
Social Studies
Physical Education

Needs some improvement

Listens to and follows directions
Works independently
Controls talking
Practices self control

I have suspected for a while that Sam is bored in class. When I ask him what they do all day, he says, "Stupid homework" (meaning worksheets). I just asked him what they do when/if they finish their worksheets early and he said they are allowed to sit at their desks and read a book...or get up and go play quietly with blocks or legos or puzzles. Now tell me (please) your opinions of this. Is it just me who finds this a


DD said...

You know I wish I could tell you more, but compared to what we may see in our 1st grader's report card this is stellar.

Yesterday? He stuck a classmate with a safety pin. Why? B/c he was mad at the teacher...or so he says.

And he tells us all the time how bored he is. Sometimes I wish I could stick my fellow workers with a safety pin, too.

Hennifer said...

Can I ask you more specifically what you are concerned is off?

I know I found the expectations for my son last year, in first grade, seemed huge compared to how much fun kindergarten was. I mean suddenly first grade is all day, very serious, and all classroom socializing was strictly controlled.

I want more from my child's school but frankly I'm not sure what

Holley said...

You know, you might want to talk to the teacher directly about what they do in class.

Sometimes Angie tells us things that are very different from what is actually happening. It's not that she is lying, it is that she is perceiving it differently. They may be spending a lot of time on worksheets and then just a little free time.

Angie's class has some structured work (Mrs. R. reads a story, the class does a worksheet based on the story, then she reads another story and asks the kids questions about it while they work on the first worksheet or some other activity.) They also have a free reading period while the teacher works with the kids one on one. They have morning meetings and special classes like art and music and science and so on.

Angie never tells us exactly what she does in each of those periods during each day. Most of the time I hear about recess, maybe spanish or gym (she loves her gym teacher Mrs. W.) if she had it that day. I have to really press her to get any details.

It's also part of being six. You have to ask leading questions to get much info. Six year olds get a little reticent.