Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big stupid meanie head

That's my son's opinion of the person who stole our Obama/Biden yard sign...and I tend to agree.


MB said...

If it makes you feel any better, one of our signs disappeared too. (It's wasn't for Obama though, does that mean we cancel each other?)

Kathy McC said...

People who do that are idiots...regardless of the political party they belong to! At least your son used less colorful language than I would have. ;-)

lorem ipsum said...

That's why we don't put up signs anymore.

That's okay--we'll get our message across in two weeks. :-)

Penultimatina said...

We lost one too, back in the primary.

Now we have two up, and almost every house on the street has one, too.

BTW, Ray tries to call people meanie-heads, but he says "mimi-head" instead, which is way too cute.

KSD said...

That's been happening around here, too. What gets into some folks?