Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Animal lover?

I was talking to husband, who was sitting here.

When I noticed something weird here.

His name is "mousey," and he was apparently just sunning himself a bit under the lamp.

Sam is now crying and saying, "I'm going to miss mousey." That kid has such a kind heart.

The charm of this little tale wore off when Mousey #2 took up residence in the same lamp.

I'm an animal lover as much as the next gal...but come on!

(No mice were harmed during the filming of this event. All mice were returned to the wild from whence they came...hopefully to never return to this particular sunny vacation spot.)

(And yes...I do see the humor in the fact that the first thing I did was grab my camera and take pictures.)


Pipsylou said...

I love his kind heart, how I love it. I see your heart in his! So cool!

Lissa Lane said...

Awwww Nice little mousies. Same is a sweetheart

btw HOW do you do your signature at the end of your posts? I'd love to have one

Rosepetal said...

they do look like cute mousies

Jelly-Filled said...

LOL!!! Sam is a sweetie. And that mouse picture is priceless.

kate said...

very cute mousies! When A was his age we had a bat...it lived in his bedroom window.

kate said...

oh, and PS to your comment on my blog. No, not cowardly at all. We do what we can, when we can. Notice it took me more than 5 years to do anything at all.

I also joined that 'wrapped in care' group on Ravelry & will try a shawl, eventually. My queue of projects is long, though, and school starts soon, so we will see.