Monday, May 26, 2008

Snakes in a house

This Memorial Day has been interesting...

The cat disappeared again and hasn't been seen or heard from for three days, despite the neighbor's garage being wide open.

Saturday evening Steve and I went out on a date...dinner and a bookstore. It was weird being alone together for the first time in more than six months. We worried about the boys killing my parents and locking their bodies in a closet, but I think we had fun...and my parents survived relatively unscathed.

Then I started feeling sick yesterday morning and by evening there was so much snot I wondered if it might drown me in my sleep. And no, there was no decongestant in the medicine cabinet and only toilet paper to wipe my nose with.

Despite feeling sick we took advantage of our birthday specials...a trip to Toys R Us, to spend three birthday bucks from Geoffrey the Giraffe, and free Coldstone Creamery ice cream.

Today, while playing MLB on the PS2, Sam announced, "Daddy, you're wasting your balls!"

Steve has been clicking away on his work laptop and muttering to himself...much of which is not suitable for ME to hear, let alone the children.

We just got done putting the living room back together after the drama following Steve's declaration, "Oh my God, there's a snake in the house!" (and let me tell you, sectional sofas are a bitch to get hooked back together).

Like I said...interesting.


Julia said...

Wow-- certainly a rich home life you have going.
I hope snakes in the house are less dramatic than snakes on a plane. And I certainly hope you are in possession of some snot medication and some tissues by now.

marcia said...

What I love about reading your blog, is your great ability to discover those priceless nuggets of everyday life in some of the most unlikely places! tell...did you actually find a snake in the house and get him back outside????? Me...I'm pretty sure I would just move out until I was sure he was gone!!!!