Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Light a candle in remembrance

Remembering Our Angels is a page dedicated the the special bond between mother and child that survives even death. Celebrate your children with us throughout this Mother's Day Month of Remembrance by coming back to this page and lighting candles, writing condolences, and uploading pictures.

Our children inspire us in a very unique and powerful way, but we can find strength in our community too, so reach out to people and let them know about this Remembering Our Angels page, because every time someone new visits it, will donate $1 to First Candle.

First Candle has been recognized as one of the top fifteen children's charities in America. They are working to increase public participation and support in the fight against infant mortality, including SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and other areas, including stillbirth and miscarriage.

Together we can continue to find our strength in each other, and make a difference.

(Thank you for forwarding this to me Julie.)

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