Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another day closer

I can feel it coming.
Every single day toward...what?
I'm not sure how to say it.
Certainly not a celebration.
Not a lot of things.
But something...worth the pain remembering brings.
Blue skies and yellow daffodils.
I can't wear brown pants because they remind me.
How do I plan for it?
The moving-on has happened all around me.
I pulled the wreath from the earth...drawing the stand legs out of the mud with a silent wish.
But there was only the same silence as from the beginning.
In my head I rearrange my house and realize my bed stands where the crib was supposed to be with a baby boy who never came home.
Today we set up the new room for the baby boy who did come home.
He sleeps in the same crib in a different spot.
And I weep.


Kathy McC said...


Julia said...

This is beautiful. But as usual, I am so sorry you have the occasion to write such beauty.
If this boy makes it, he will get the same crib his brother didn't (the same one their sister used-- it's a good solid wood number), and same room, once painted for his brother. I am scheming to change one thing in that room, as much for practical reasons as for psychological. I need to change something, but not much.

I am thinking of you as we go barreling towards May again.

Aurelia said...

One day at a time, one change at a time.

DD said...

Even though I can say nothing to make this any more or less than what it is, I wanted you to know I'm here.

Jillian said...


marcia said...

Hugs to you, my dear!

Julie said...


Tricia said...

I think Aurelia said it best

dbm/gaa said...

Oh hon. It sucks.

Julie said...

That silence seems to scream sometimes. {{{hugs}}}