Saturday, March 01, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

I was reading over at sweet|salty and love this comment..."What does it matter, this grand scheme of things?"

LOVE it! doesn't matter. With the passage of time, I no longer despair over my beliefs. I have found peace with myself and what I do/don't believe...and I don't need to discuss it and seek approval. It really is quite an amazing feeling. I'm not sure if Myles' brought this with him or if I managed to pick my way through the minefield under my own power. But it's good. And I'm not going to question it.
Thank you for all your book suggestions. I'm currently undecided on the wisdom of books about Captain Underpants. Something just tells me this would result in some sort of uncomfortable conversation with the Kindergarten teacher who already hates me.

Speaking of...Steve went to parent-teacher conference on Tuesday (I stayed home with Sam and Myles) and had quite a lovely conversation with the Kindergarten teacher. I am firmly convinced it is just me she can't stand and I really don't get it. I've never been anything but pleasant to her (even when she was less than pleasant to me). C'est la vie, I suppose.

Anyway...Sam is doing well and his behavior issues seem to currently be under control. Amazing what parental influence can do when the parents KNOW there is an issue that needs to be addressed.
I am entirely over the snow and cold for this winter. Bring on spring already!
My husband had an interesting political observation the other day regarding media comments about Senator Hillary Clinton. The types of things they say about her would not be appropriate if said about her opponent. Race is off limits. Gender is still fair game. Interesting.

Speaking of only real insight into the Ohio Democratic primary coming up next week is coming from The Daily Show. The sad part is, I'm probably better educated on the topic/candidates than most of the people eligible to vote.
It's 11am Saturday morning and so far I've been yelled at because I didn't whip the boob out fast enough, the internet wasn't working, I threw away a very important piece of paper, "Daddy will be working forever," and I don't know how to play Lego Star Wars. It's going to be a great weekend.

Speaking of that important piece of paper that I threw away...
If you had an important piece of paper with an important password on it, wouldn't you put it somewhere safe? Or would you leave it out on top of the family's already messy desk so that your wife (who is the only one who does any cleaning in your pit of a house) would mistake it for a scrap and throw it in the trash? I'm just sayin'.
Lately I have been feeling resentful of my place in my family. I'm here to make sure everyone is fed, clothed, and happy. I come second to all of that. My job (despite its rather impressive title) is deemed less important than whether there is apple juice in the fridge, clean pants to wear, or any other of a number of mindless chores. It's what I want and I'm making it work...but that doesn't make it any less difficult.
Gotta go...the Mets are on TV!


Aurelia said...

Is it possible that the teacher is infertile or a bereaved mom, and doesn't hate you, but is incredibly jealous? Maybe she has no clue about your history? Or if she does know, has a history or her own and hasn't been able to complete her family successfully?

Just a thought...

I'm glad you are feeling good about your life and your beliefs, I'm sure Myles had something to do with this.

Renae said...

Oy - the scraps of paper! They never end. I am a wife who has thrown many, many away - and I don't think the lesson has sunk in yet. I did buy a second little junk basket that I now dump all of the little scraps in and they go to a sort of Limbo - they're really in a trash can but will not be dumped out until the husband has sorted thru them. This way I am so not responsible!