Friday, March 21, 2008

Heard at my house

Me: "Why do you have to make so much noise when I'm on the phone?"

Sam: "Because that's what Samuel's are for."
Sam: "Mommy, shouldn't this be the day we go on vacation?"

Me: "No. Not today."

Sam: "Well, what day then? Wednesday or Friday? You have to choose."

Me: "We're probably not going on vacation."

Sam: "Then me and Daddy will."
Myles: (screaming)

Sam: "Myles...dude...would you please be quiet so I can watch my movie?"


marcia said...

Oh The Places He Will Go!!! :):)

Julia said...

Hypothetically speaking, it would be a nice vacation for you if Sam and Steve took a few days off the premises, wouldn't it?

Lori said...

I think that he definitely could have a future in comedy!! :)

Don Mills Diva said...

That's what Samuels are for! Love it - that kid is comedy gold!

msfitzita said...

I LOVED this post. Thank you thank you thank you!! :-D