Thursday, January 24, 2008

Really bad jokes

So the ladies at my office decided I was going to have a baby shower. I didn't want one and I tried to tell them I didn't want one, but they disregarded my wishes and planned one anyway. Their justification was that I had "earned this."

They told me when it would be and arranged food and everything. It would have been rude not to show up. Ever the people pleaser, I went without putting up a fuss.

It was held in the office conference room over the standard lunch hour and really, it was quite lovely. Myles was a perfect sleepy baby...hanging out in the sling or draped across my friend Lisa's chest. We had a casual lunch of pizza (that someone claimed to be the best in northeast Ohio) and cake with baby blue icing (and Myles' name misspelled). There were lots of pretty wrapped presents and all the ladies engaged in the obligatory oohing and aahing over Myles and the adorable little baby gifts for him.

One of the ladies told me that her card had been lost somewhere between home and the office, so she would give it to me when she found it (IF she found it). I laughed and said I had done that with a mutual friend's baby gift. His son was born in February and I gave him a gift without the card I had misplaced. Three months later, while cleaning out my desk, I found the card, signed it, and gave it to him. Everyone laughed at the story.

Then R (used to be referred to as new mommy co-worker on this blog) said, "Yeah, then there was J's bar exam congratulations card that sat in T's desk for a year and a half."

Not quite connecting the dots, I asked T with a laugh, "You lost it for a year and a half?"

R said, "'s just that J kept failing the bar exam...," and everyone laughed.

But I can't help but wonder...

Have the baby congratulations cards I just opened been sitting around in someone's desk for two years?

That's just not so funny.


Marcia said...

No...that's not so funny. And I am so sorry your mind even has reason to go there!

Julia said...

Not funny at all. People just don't think.

Monica said...

Ouch, I thought I knew where this post was going.

Now that you mention it, I wonder if some of my Andy gifts were really Jimmy gifts.

They asked me if I wanted a shower to and I said no and broke down crying hysterically. Maybe that's why I didn't get one.

Ruby said...

Your right, it's not funny.

Aurelia said...