Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Not a bad day

~Was able to wear heels and prepregnancy pants.
~Swung through the McDonalds drive-thru for hashbrowns and coffee.
~Sam made it to school EARLY.
~I made it to work EARLY.
~The maintenance men rearranged my office furniture. While they did break my computer keyboard, they were fast and didn't make fun of my need for playpen space to my face.
~Myles seemed to enjoy the day.
~Found out my coworker who had a miscarriage is tentatively pregnant again.
~Got very little actual work done, but got my office cleaned and rearranged to be baby-friendly, followed up on some pending matters, organized my workload so I can start in earnest tomorrow.
~Picked Sam up on time.

Not bad if I do say so myself.

I do have a few things to ponder after this first day...
~I need an exercise routine. One day back in heels and my legs are killing me.
~In line with the weight considerations, I need to come up with portable and easy meals that I can eat in a hurry.
~How to answer phone calls with Myles in the room. You just never know when he's going to lose his mind and start screaming. It gets a little tricky.
~What do they mean when my coworkers say, "Let me know if there is anything I can do to help"???
~Is it irrational to think that I might need a portable DVD player in my office to entertain the baby in a couple months? Is he going to get bored and suffer sensory deprivation over time?
~Sweaters are too warm and button-downs are definitely easier to deal with for boob access. How much can I spend without Steve giving me "the look"?


Marcia said...

In answer to your last question....there some really fantastic clearance sales going on right now. I returned an item to Younkers(I think Elder-Beerman is the sister store in your state, if you have any near you) today, and they had some pretty decent things for 60% off the clearance price!! you might not even need to raise Steve's eyebrows if you have a chance to get out and look for a few new tops to tide you over till Spring. So glad today was a better day!

Brenda said...

Im glad all is going well at the office for you both. Not sure on the phone question. Yes very tricky. Love the pic of Myles 'at work'


Aurelia said...

About the phone? Do you have a wireless headset with one of those volume controls on the speaking portion? It might help you cut off the screaming sounds lightening fast. and leave you hands free to nurse, or get him a soother?

And our co-workers are in babylust. They want to hold your baby! Let them!

kate said...

Congrats on the prepregnancy pants! And the good day.

Monica said...

Wow, I'd take that day any day. I wore maternity jeans today because it was jeans day and my pre-pregnancy jeans don't fit. Bummer.

I love the pick of Myles at the office. Too cute!