Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Every Baby Has a Story

The March of Dimes is about ALL babies... those born healthy and those that need our help to survive.

This October the Story Bus hits the road - 16 cities in 4 weeks. Hop on the bus and videotape your story or add it from your own computer.

Don't just stand at the curb and wave. Be a part of this event! Because every baby has a story…

While there is no category for stillbirth, there is an "In Memory" section and I couldn't help but think of my friends, msfitzita, Darcie, Julian's Mom, Laura, Sherry, and Sarah.

Every baby has a story.

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*Darcie* said...

Thank you Kate for thinking of me!! As always, you are always on my mind too!! Wait, I think part of that came from a song...great now I will be singing that darn song all day!!! *LOL* Anyhow, thanks again!!