Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gimme a PEE...!

As if I haven't been having enough fun, let's add a possible diagnosis of preeclampsia to the mix, shall we? There was protein in my urine (+1 for anyone that means anything to) and my blood pressure was high at first (first reading 130/90...second reading just about my normal at 120/70). They kept asking me if I've had any headaches or blurred vision and I told them no, not this week. Of course, now I have a whopper of one and I just want to go have a good cry.

Repeated the hemoglobin A1c today. Tomorrow I get to collect my urine for 24 hours. Tuesday (20th) I have another appointment scheduled. Sunday (25th) I have an amnio (at 8-freaking-o'clock) and a c/s scheduled if the amnio results prove satisfactory. It's just a matter of time before we pull the rip cord.

Myles is perfect. Biophysical profile score of 10 out of 10. I think it's clear that it's MY body that is falling apart...and I'm about done.

Any bets on when this will actually happen?


DD said...

The amnio is just to make sure Myles is ready to make his escape, right?

Now when you say collect urine for 24 hours, is that in one humongous jug or several dozen specimen jars?

Do they give you a drink carrier?

Beruriah said...

Ah crap.

You're almost there, Catherine. I can imagine the fear, but they are watching you and Myles so closely. It's not much longer and if it does turn into pre-e, they will have time to act. Thinking of you.

Kim said...

To answer for you (I used to be the nursing assistant who had to help with 24-hr urine collections) - it's one big brown jug full o' pee - and on ice. Fun!

So you might be having Myles like...Sunday? Or Monday? Glory be.

three minute palaver said...

After reading this post, my bets on Sunday 18th. Goodluck Catherine. You will be fervently in my thoughts and I'll look forward to reading about baby Myles' glorious arrival! Much love, Clare.

Aurelia said...

Okay, now I have buy that darn Ipod touch so I can sit on your blog every moment from now til next week.

Julia said...

Oh, this is not good. +1 when there was none before is kinda a fast thing. the 24 hour collection is not fun, but it will give more accurate results.
Hoping all things go smoothly.

Marcia said...

Catherine, I am hoping and praying that yesterday's headache is gone, and all of the testing is proceeding as planned! My thoughts are constantly with you, and I can't seem to pass by my computer without stopping to check for updates. Every ounce of my being is pulling for you and Myles! ( and my "being" is NOT tiny! :) )