Monday, October 01, 2007

The comedy that is my life

I work in the civil division of the county prosecutor's office for my county. My clients include all elected officials, departments, agencies, commissions, boards, etc. One of my main clients is the county Health Department. I represent them in compliance cases...making citizens comply with the Health Code (which includes the solid waste regulation and sewer/plumbing codes).

Saturday's home mail delivery included a letter from the county Health Department informing me that my plumbing permit has expired and my home has not had the required final plumbing inspection as required by the Code.

My first reaction...well that's news to me. One would think that one's contractor would have that inspection done before leaving a job site. Apparently, this is an erroneous belief. The homeowner is actually responsible for said inspection. When I called my contractor and asked if he had had it done, he replied with, "Oh no, no, that's your responsibility." was so nice of you to share that bit of information with me.

My second thought...this department is my client...I am their legal counsel...they couldn't have CALLED me as a courtesy?!?! And, more to the point, if their own legal counsel is unaware of this requirement, how do they/we/I reasonably expect Joe Citizen to have knowledge of said requirement? When I asked this question...I was informed that they COULD give out a handy little reference sheet of requirements when a person applies for a permit, but they don't because it would be too much of a hassle to change, etc., if/when the requirements are changed by a change in the Code.

I have GOT to get out of government work before I lose my mind.


delphi said...

Hello preacher, meet the choir!

Shinny said...

Isn't government work great? That is actually pretty funny, sorry to laugh at your expense.

I am still trying to figure out who needs to pull permits and all that jazz here in Boringtown for my bathroom remodel. I might want to get on that before the baby gets here, huh? ;)