Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad Daddy

So I have to give equal time to my husband's parenting (mis)adventures...because they make me giggle.

Yesterday, Steve forgot to make Sam a lunch for daycare. This packing a lunch thing is relatively new for us, as Sam's daycare used to provide meals every day, no charge. Now, you have to decide which days you want your child to buy lunch from them, and prepay two dollars per meal for the entire month. Yesterday was not a day Sam had prepaid for. And though neither of us could remember the exact policy, we were SURE Sam would not go hungry for the day (as was our consensus on the telephone when I discovered Sam's empty lunchbox on the kitchen counter early in the morning).

Steve walked Sam into daycare and explained to Miss T that he had forgotten to pack Sam a lunch and would she please see that he was taken care of at mealtime. No problem. Well, apparently, our overly dramatic son decided to use mealtime as his stage. When lunchtime rolled around, he burst into tears and approached Miss J with, "Miss J...(sob) Daddy didn't pack me a lunch today...(sob)...will you please feed me something for lunch?"

I swear, that kid is going to win an Academy Award some day!


Brenda said...

Ha ha ha thats so funny. Nothing like a young child filled with drama! lol


Carole said...

I love the drama! He should get extra points since he implicated Daddy...and let you come out of it unscathed. Somehow everything around this house gets pinned right on me. lol