Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stillbirth news

Fifth Disease apparently doesn't always carry the long-term immunity that doctors once thought it did, said Joliet pediatrician Dr. Paul Aschinberg at Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center and Silver Cross Hospital, both in Joliet.
The Herald News


kate said...

wow, that is interesting...ty for posting it...

Em said...

Hi Catherine! I feel a little funny leaving this (highly fluffy) comment here, when it sounds like life is awfully intense for you right now, but, here goes- Thank you for my gifts! They were so, so kind and generous. I love the needle case and the photo album and the biscuits, well, I said it in my post, but our dogs thank you.
The yarn. The yarn I cannot speak to. Would it sound bizarre beyond belief to say I almost bought that yarn? That I looked at it several times a day and only the ridiculous amount of yarn I already have kept my clicker off the "Pay Now" button? I LOVE that yarn. I can't believe you picked that yarn too! Thankyouthankyouthankyou.
It's been so nice to read your blog and find out more about you. Congratulations on your pregnancy; I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and wishes your way.
Thanks for being such a great pal. You were an absolute star.
Much appreciation!