Friday, July 27, 2007

Just a few miscellaneous thoughts

Never...and I mean a whole bag of baby carrots. No matter how good they taste and no matter how hungry you are. Trust me.
I apologize to my brother-in-law. I still have his birthday card/gift here. His birthday was the 11th. Yeah...I suck.
We told Sam the baby is a boy. Think he was excited?

(photo removed)

He said, "I've been wishing every day that it was a boy." awwwwwww...
My husband is still alive and we're not moving to Georgia.
After rejecting his proposal to name the new baby "Go Diego Go," Sam has become much more reasonable. I think we may have a name. We're not SURE (well...I'M not SURE...Steve and Sam are ready to monogram this kid's towels already), so we're keeping it a secret for a bit.
No matter what you may think, it is not cool to see a bat flying around in Drug Mart while you are trying to shop for hand soap.
My mom DOES have a tough streak. She should use it more often on people who deserve it.
Where there is one flea there are thousands. Crap.
The big case I was trying to settle? The plaintiff who is suing us filed for a continuance because he has to enter the hospital for "a serious malignancy." Now, I don't like the guy, but I don't wish that on anyone. I hope his treatment is successful and he can get back to making my (work) life miserable.
Kenny Lofton is back in Cleveland! Yes!


Angel Mom said...

I love Sam's reaction to the boy news. How sweet! Surely his suggestion has to be better than what our daughter suggested we name our second son -- Yahtzee. Yes, like the game. No, we didn't use it.

Holley said...

Yeah, I did the carrot thing when pregnant with Angie. Think the bag needs a warning label?

I didn't realize Georgia was even a possibility.


Kim said...

Congrats on your new sweet boy! I am continuing all kinds of good thoughts for you guys.

MB said... carrots bad. I did that early on with this one and I can look at the bag longingly, but still can't bring myself to put on in my mouth...

Sam is cool. There's a boy in nG's class who wanted to name his baby brother after one of the kids from the Incredibles. Kids kill me.

Penultimatina said...

Don't try eating an entire extra large bagged "veggie lovers" salad, either... ;)

Learned that flea lesson the hard way a few weeks back. Advantage was a lifesaver.