Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dear Anonymous

Bite me.

Secret Pal is over for me and anonymous comments are now off (and your comment has been deleted). Thank you for the reminder.

And so you know, if you read even a small part of this blog, you will see that I don't think people are "out to get me." What I think is that people are narrow-minded and short-sighted. What I think is that there are some behaviors in our society that are unintentionally and unnecessarily hurtful. What I think is that people like you should read more blogs like mine and get a clue...find some empathy...learn to be kind to others. I hope that by reading my words, you get a glimpse of what is beyond your normal sphere of existence and you see that other people may need a little more compassion than you normally show. Maybe, you might even learn to offer special kindness without having to be asked. Now wouldn't that be a kick in the pants? It might actually help you be a better person. Then you might find helpful behaviors to engage in...rather than anonymously posting hurtful comments on the blog of someone who is already hurting (for which I still say...Bite Me).


Kathy McC said...

Am I missing something?

Aurelia said...

Me Too?, What happened?

BasilBean said...

Wow, I missed that as well.

I am so sorry to hear that someone out there wrote something that upset you so terribly.


Julia said...

The comment must have been really atrocious. I am so sorry there are twits out there who don't have the stones to sign an identifiable name, but think nothing of leaving nasty comments and telling people in pain who they never met how they should cope.

Anon, pick on someone your own size. Ooops... I guess roaches are too large for you then, ha?

Anonymous said...

Why OH why are people like that!

I don't know what she said because I don't often read other peoples comments but if you wrote this post she must have said something really hurtful.

I repeat, why OH why are people like that?

Sara said...

Oh, one of THOSE. Yuck. S/He could learn from the compassion and special kindness you display on this blog and in the comments you leave on other blogs every day.

MB said...

Why do people insist on being such idiots?

*Darcie* said...

well, i think i missed it too Kate, but might I add that that was very well put!! Love ya girl...dont let THEM get you down!!

Brenda said...

You go girl!!!