Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crying over spilled juice

The orange juice I had for breakfast was a BAD idea, so I decided to try some apple juice for lunch. I walked over to the building that houses the vending machine and bought the last apple juice. I walked back to my office building and promptly dropped the apple juice. The cap cracked and apple juice went spilling everywhere. I said, apparently too loudly, "That's it, I give up for today," and mopped up the spilled juice.

The receptionist asked me what happened and I told her I spilled my apple juice and I was really bummed because it was the last one. I was on the verge of tears...over apple juice.

My boss must have overheard bits of the conversation because he handed the receptionist some change and told her to go buy me another apple juice. How sweet is that? What a kind gesture.


JellyJen said...

I know you don't know me and I hope you don't mind me commenting here (I found your blog through Kristin) but I had to say that I think it was so sweet of your boss to get you another juice and I sure hope you were able to enjoy it! ((HUGS))

Sara said...

Where did you find such great people to work with? I don't work with any people at all, really, but I still feel like your coworkers are exceptional.

Maybe their kindness is just a reflection of yours, though.

Sherry said...

Sweet? Maybe. I think your boss has been around pregnant women before and knows it is in his best interest to keep them as happy as he can :) heehee

Just kidding, he sounds like a great guy. And for the record, when I was pregnant I can remember the flood gates opening if they ran out of plain bagels and salsa at my work - yes, my morning breakfast was a bagel dunked in salsa every day! So getting sad about spilled apple juice sure sounds logical to me :)

Ruby said...

Girl, you ARE LOVED!