Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My baby

Today my baby boy registers for kindergarten.

I still remember the morning I stood in the shower with my hand on my belly crying and saying, "I'm going to be somebody's mom."

I remember that moment in the hospital when Steve had gone to sign the discharge papers at the nurses station and I stood next to Sam's bassinette thinking, "Oh my God, they're going to let us go home with him. He is OURS."

I remember that morning when I yelled to Steve to wake come to the living see our son's first smiles.

I remember the middle of that night when we were all three in tears because we hadn't slept in what seemed like weeks.

I remember that afternoon when he rolled off the couch and I called Steve in hysterics.

I remember his first real food was Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen, snuck to him by his Daddy in the back seat of the silver Chevy Cavalier.

I remember those first attempts to sit up...and thud of his large head on the carpet when he fell.

I remember that game of drop the pacifier and say 'uh-oh' as we tried to do our shopping in Walmart.

I remember that first trip to the zoo on his first birthday...the day he learned to wave hi and bye.

I remember dancing around the living room with him in my arms to Country Music Television.

I remember, "No pity!" and "Go Rockies!" yelled from the back seat.

I remember that first trip to daycare.

I remember when he couldn't say "truck" and we all laughed at the embarassment caused by his use of "f" in place of "tr."

I remember the Wiggles Christmas video.

I remember painting together and him making less of a mess than Steve.

I remember the moment he walked into the hospital room after we said goodbye to Alex...that hug...and I knew I would make it through for him.

I remember that face when we went for a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine.

I remember that first scribbly S written on a scrap of paper.

I remember his announcement that he had a "little girlfriend Ashley."

I remember him telling me he's not a baby anymore, he's a big kid...but agreeing he would always be MY baby.

It all happened so fast...


Shinny said...

Good luck in school Sam.

AmyO said...

Such good memories! I'm there for you Catherine! It is hard to watch them grow up and sing their good-bye songs to preschool and begin singing there hello to kindergarten songs.

Aurelia said...

In the blink of an eye, they get big. Babydom feels like yesterday and forever for me.

Good luck Sam!

Lori said...

It does go by so fast! I love this list of memories. It's good to write them down so you never do forget.

My boys don't always get it, but they seem to have accepted the reality that they will always be MY babies!

Hedda said...

I told my little boy to stop growing up yesterday.

Good luck Sam!

Julia said...

We had our first meeting with the kids and parents of Monkey's K class today too.
I get it.

Mad Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

On another note, wtf happened while I was away for a month??? I can't believe you went and got yourself knocked up!!! Woohoo!

vixanne wigg said...

Awww. That's a very sweet post. It warms my cold heart.

Brenda said...

I loved this post.


Artblog said...


Sara said...

Really beautiful post, Catherine.

I am new to reading your blog, but just wanted to say I am so sorry about Travis and Alex.

And so hopeful for Baby #4. You are due 6 days after me, I'll be thinking of you often and following your blog.

pipsylou said...

I love this. This is why you are one of my favorite bloggers - and friends!