Friday, May 25, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts

Steve asked me yesterday, "So what do you think it means that my manager is now being all complimentary and acknowledging the work I do?"

"He's afraid you're going to snap and he wants to make sure you don't kill him during your crazed rampage," I replied.
I'm wearing a maternity tshirt today. And it doesn't look too big. My God, I'm fat.
I hope there are enough cupcakes for Sam's class at daycare today. (Called Steve...there are plenty.)
The crazy dog food recall has expanded to include certain dry dog foods as well. For months, people have continued to feed the dry foods because they thought the contamination just affected moist foods. I am horrified at the lack of care these large companies have exhibited. I am even more horrified to think that I used to feed my dogs that crap because it was supposedly "one of the best" foods on the market. Who knows how much I have shortened their lives?

BTW...Purina isn't anywhere on that list.
My gardens look like hell and I have no time to fix them. I think I may have to take an extra day off work sometime. hehehe
I don't want to change the world with this blog. I don't even want to be a generalized voice for a community stance/opinion. These are MY words and ONLY my words. I hope nobody reads this blog and thinks that I'm an expert or in any way advocating a "right way" to deal with loss. This is my journey. I've got no words of wisdom. I just write my words so that I can get them out of my head...and maybe so that someone might read them and not feel so alone. It's about recognizing yourself...what is similar AND what is different.
Do you have people in your life who you can't decide if you like or not?
Sort of take-em-or-leave-em-
kind of people?

Do you have people in your life who think you want to know every single little detail of their day...whether it is interesting or not?

Do you have people in your life who insist they hate drama...yet drama seems to follow them everywhere they go?

Do you have people in your life who you would just love to give a big old dose of cold reality?

Do you have people in your life who just love to wrap things up in useless little platitudes and you'd like to shove them out a window when they do?

I think I'm just too cranky with people.


Marcia said...

Totally trite observation here: let me just say that it seems you are right in-style if your maternity T-shirt "doesn't seem all that big." Over the last several months, the trend seems to be for non-pregnant girls and women to wear longer-cut tops that are gathered or flare out from under the bustline, and hang somewhat loosely from there. And obviously pregnant gals are wearing knit shirts that are very form-fitting, with no apparent room for "expansion." I know I am old, but does this seem at all backwards to anyone else? :) I'm sure you look very nice today, Catherine...and are a heckuva lot more comfortable than you might be in something that is starting to feel too snug.
I'll defer to others to respond to your more "thoughty" questions today!
Oh...and Happy Birthday to Sam on Sunday!

pipsylou said...

Do you have people in your life who you can't decide if you like or not?

Haha! I KNOW I'm one of those people for you!!!!!

Catherine said...

Haha! I KNOW I'm one of those people for you!!!!!

Oh should know better than that.

Kathy McC said...

I seriously wonder if Phoebe died as a result of the food she ate. It doesn't say that Iams dry was involved, but who the hell knows. How does an otherwise healthy 7 year old dog suddenly go into organ failure?? :-(

Treggles said...

"I've got no words of wisdom."

But you do have plenty of words of Kindness. And common sense. And much else. I'm sure there is some wisdom in there somewhere, too.

kate said...

Do i know such people? Indeed...

Yes, take time off to fix the garden, sounds like a plan ;) Not that i would EVER do ANYTHING like that, oh NO

pipsylou said...

Ok, I guess I should have said, I know my staunch views that often are in opposition to yours probably annoy! Oh well. We are still friends! I was just thinking in regards to my latest post.

Anyway, yes, I know people like that. You are ready to have them out of your life once and for all, and then they do something redeeming...

Hey, I am trying to find an awesome website I found a long time's a mom who lost a baby girl, then went on to have a baby boy. At the beginning of the slideshow she created for her daughter, it's a video of she and her husband singing a song to their is so sweet and heartwrenching, but beautiful. Do you know who I'm talking about?

delphi said...

I'm curious what made you feel like you were speaking for all of us. As I see it, the way you share your life and feelings is just so honest - it is easy to see the reflection of my own life and feelings in what you write. On the other hand, not everything that you write is kidnapped from my brain. So I don't see you as The Voice, but, as I said, a communal best friend.


Remember how the British sent their criminals to Australia? I wonder if there is an island that we could send the Let's-Do-Withouts to. Or maybe another planet (we are ready for interplanetary travel, no?)

Note: No offense to my Australian friends. I don't think that current Australian citizens are criminals. Just historic ones. And the ones who actually are criminals.

Mindi said...

The people part - oh I can relate. I work at home, but the woman (slacker) I work with at night drives me freaking INSANE! My boss just e-mailed me the other day about a meeting at the hospital. I really don't know if I can go without knocking this woman on her behind. Notice I didn't say fat behind, because I'm trying to be kind. (heh)

I love reading your blog. I'm kind of addicted, even though we probably have nothing in common. I think you're a great writer and there's just something about reading your blog that makes me want to stand up and cheer for you and how you deal with the crap life has dealt you. You're a good person and I wish you all the past. (Unlike the slug I work with who I'd like to toss off a roof.)

Mad Mommy said...

sadly, 99% of my family falls into that category of people you describe at the end of your post. it would be okay with me if they all stayed here and just my immediate family - the family i had the good sense to choose and the good fortune to create - and i went to australia or some other place to which none of them had the beans to follow me.

Julian's Mom said...

Yes, I am sadly too familiar with all the "types" you mentioned in your post. Lately, I am particularly familiar with the feeling of having friends I really don't like, and almost hate. It's a toughie. What to do?