Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can't keep up

I have an inbox full of lovely emails to respond to. This blog has been sadly neglected. My house is a mess. Work is piling up on my desk. At eight weeks it's already going downhill fast.

And I


Shinny said...

I SOOO know what you mean about the can't keep the eyes open, and I am only going on 5 weeks. ;)

We are in this together my dear.

Laura said...

I'm finally able to sit down for a few minutes without falling asleep immediately! It's okay, in fact, it's a good thing, right?

Marcia said...

But what a lovely reason for it all to be going downhill fast!! Get all the rest that you and babelet need right now...with NO guilt because that is your highest priority for the next 32 weeks! The rest of the world will adapt accordingly :) Besides, that middle trimester is known for renewed energy, so you can play catch-up later when you feel more like it. Just tell the boss your blog friends all said it's OK to take a nap at your desk, as needed. Probably good to stay awake in court, though! :)

pipsylou said...

Ehhh...I think you've got more important things to do, like gestating a baby? Praying for you, Catherine!

AmyO said...

I completely understand! I'm with Shiny, I'm only 5 weeks today and my head keeps bobbing and bobbing. I can't keep up. My 2 living children keep wondering why Mommy is so tired.

Wishing for all of us wonderful pregnancies!