Thursday, April 05, 2007

miscellaneous thoughts

Dear company: I signed up to be a mystery shopper for you. I filled in SEVERAL application forms so you could "approve" me. My name is CATHERINE. My email goes to Kate94651. I am not, nor will I ever be, a male shopper who can shop a men's retail clothing store. But thank you anyway for asking again and again and again.
It's -3 degrees celsius and snowing outside and I have poison ivy in the inner part of my left elbow. And I think I've developed some sort of infection to go along with it. It itches and it hurts...which makes knitting and crocheting very uncomfortable. wah! But I'm still trying anyway...gotta have my stitching fix! I am currently knitting (yes, I'm trying knitting again) a muppet. It's actually a scarf made from Bernat boa yarn...but it really reminds me of fuzzy floppy muppet legs.
Is it worth paying $30 for a sheet of this pic?---->
Good Friday = daycare closed = day off
Mundane things I need to do...laundry and dishes. I know that seems like a waste of a perfectly good day, but it frees me up to play all weekend without any guilt or fear that I will have to go to work naked on Monday.
Good Friday...
Which reminds me...
Must color Easter eggs!
Our house passed final inspection! Yay! Now we just have to pay the contractor. Boo!
We bought the shower curtain and rings for the purple bathroom...and forgot the curtain rod.
Sam and I had a handful of M&Ms each this morning for breakfast that we discovered on the desk in the master bedroom (sorry mom...on both counts). He looked at me proudly and said, "I'm going to shove 'em in like Daddy does." So I guess I'm not the only one winning parent of the year awards.
WalMart Whole Grain Apple Streusel Breakfast Bread is bad for the waistline, but yummy in the tummy.
I pee a little bit when I sneeze. And it makes me cry. NO REASON! My body has gone to absolute shit for NO REASON!
The previously mentioned daffodils...


DD said...

Definitely worth the 30 bucks. He looks adorable!

Sneeze and Pee? Say it fast enough and it sounds like a candy or the name of a flower.

Stephanie said...

Totally worth $30/sheet. He's too cute!!!

I hear you on the pee when you sneeze me.

Sorry to hear about the poison ivy - that's gotta suck! Got any calamine?

Ruby said...

Thats more than $30 worth of cute:)

The flowers are beautiful.

kate said...

Very pretty daffodils!

Doing Kegels helps alot with the sneeze & pee not ask me how i know this ;)

Congrats on the final inspection!!