Monday, April 09, 2007

Kids today

Sam: Grandpa is watching golf, so I can't watch my DVD.

Me: I'll tell you what, how about you and me play a game instead?

Sam: You mean on their computer?

Me: No...a game...where we sit and play together.

Sam: (blank stare)

Me: Like Moose in the House or Go Fish that we play at home.

Sam: OH! OK!

Me: (oy!)

Unfortunately, the Mr. Mouth game had the remnants of an exploded battery inside it (which seems to have burned a spot on my thumb on my right hand) and was nonfunctional as far as the automation. We did have a grand time flinging the chips into the open mouth anyway. But it has made me realize that maybe it's time to invest in some games and maybe start a game night. Friday night games and movies, I think. I have definitely decided to hunt down a functional Mr. Mouth game...I LOVE that game! And Hungry Hungry Hippos. But I'm not sure what else. So tell me...what are your favorite games to play (with a five year old)?


Stephanie said...

We love CandyLand and Ants in the pants (we have the Spongebob version). I also particularly like the kids Cranium Game (I think it's Cadoo??? I'd have to go in Jack's room to look).

I think a Friday night game/movie night sounds like a winner! I may have to do something like that as well.

kate said...

We have been trying to institute a family game night but never manage to do it more than once or twice before it gets forgotten.

What Alexander liked at that age was that simple game whose name i don't know (because we have a Slovak version) where your guys go around the board and if you land on the same square that someone else is in, you get that square and the person's piece has to go back to the beginning. Also Mancala but i think he was a little older? Can't remember.

Aurelia said...

Stephanie beat me to it! Cranium Cadoo is awesome. Candyland, Snakes & Ladders, anything with the Junior version in front of it is good, like Junior Monopoly?

Twister is fun, no reading required!

DD said...

Trouble is a great game because it's fun for the adults as well.

We play a simplified version of Cathedral as well and is great when there's just the two of you. We use the game to teach him spatial relationships and that his goal is to get all of his pieces on the board.

Checkers is an oldie, but a goodie.

Hi-Ho Cherrieos makes me want to gouge out my eyes, but my son really enjoys it.

Sherri said...

We played a lot of Trouble, Sorry, Chutes & Ladders. Connect Four is still a big hit with Rissa at age 8. She also had this gross game that a 5 year old boy would probably love - it is the head of a guy that you stuff with these gooey wormy phlegm colored pieces and have to take turns pulling them out through his nose one by one until one of them triggers his eyes to bug out and the top of his head to pop up/off. I know, sickening. And it has sound effects!

Sherri said...

...the gross game is called "Gooey Louie" - it just came to me!

Sara said...

One of my son's fav games is called "Rivers, Roads & Rails". It's a matching game where you build, well, rivers, roads and railroads based on the tiles you have available.

Hope is okay to post a's a quick overview of the game:

JuliaKB said...

My five year old loves "I never forget a face," dominoes, and Blocus Triagon. We also have HiHoCherrios but I try to discourage that one-- it drives me insane...

dawn from the frozen north said...

We just started a family game night this past week. I guess we weren't the only ones thinking along this line.

We played two games this week, "Trouble" with the pop-o-matic bubble and "UNO". UNO was the hands down winner. He woke up the next morning begging to play "UNO" before breakfast. When we went to Grandma's for Easer dinner, he had to bring "UNO" along to play with this much older cousins.

He is also fond of "Kerplunk", "Candyland" and "Hungry Hippos". I could do without the hippos. I found that the re-released games like "Hungry Hippos" are poorly made in comparison to their original counterparts.

My husband played a game called "Avalanche" when he was young. He hunted on EBay for a copy of it, and was thrilled when he finally found it. It's a marble game. Both my boys love playing it.

MB said...

My brother and I used to play Hippos for HOURS. We have all the usual...Candyland, Chutes and Ladders...a few others. Gracie's favorite by far though is Kerplunk. I bet Sam would dig it!

Sarah said...

I think Kate is talking about Parcheesi. I also played this game a bunch growing up. There is a matching card game that he is probably just about the age he could start playing called Set. You play with other people and race to find "sets"... it may seem a little hard for 5, but Steve has nieces who could beat us when they were seven.

delphi said...

If Sam is good with counting (or if he needs help with counting!), Skip-bo is a card game I play with my 6 year old niece. Basically, you have a reserve of 30 cards that you are trying to get rid of, and a hand of 5 cards. There are 4 piles in the middle. Every card is numbered 1-12, with a wild card. You play the cards on the middle piles in order and try to get rid of your reserve pile. Does that even make sense?

I loved it as a kid and my niece loves it, too. And you can vary the length of the game by dealing fewer cards for the reserve pile.

Get the deluxe game if you get it - it makes game play easier for younger kids.

Shinny said...

How many games do you want me to send you? Seriously, I have many that Alex only played once or twice. Most are board games. I will try and find them this weekend and ship you a box, then whatever ones you don't want you can pass on to someone else who needs them. Ok?

Ruby said...

Games I play (we love playing games) with my little one (5 years old)are;
Disney Yahtzee Jr.
Disney Monopoly Jr.
Hungry Hungry Hippos (gives me a headache)
Whack-a-mole (makes me want to whack the game with a REAL hammer)
Connect Four
Chutes and Ladders