Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It gets old

Do you ever tire of telling everyone all the details of your reproductive life? It's not as simple as, "I have one child, Samuel, who will be five years old at the end of May." There's so much more to my story. Sometimes I wish I could just print out little cards with our profiles on them and hand them out to anybody we might need to explain to. Kind of like business cards. Heh. I bet THAT would be a real conversation stopper.


Mommies Esq1 said...


I think about that everytime everyone asks, "Is this your first, second, third?"

Who knew that was such a hard question?

Brenda said...

I think about that everytime someone asks me if I have kids!

I just say ' yes we have a son'. If they ask anything about him i then tell them he died.

Pathetic really!


Artblog said...

I get all the damn time;

"Only the one?"

"Yes" I ALWAYS reply.

If only they knew, I'm positive they'd regret having asked!

MB said...

Yeah, definitely gets old. And, the times that I've said that Gracie is our only one, I felt guilty as hell. I really don't do that anymore.

I got pissed the other day, I was watch Birth Day (I nkow, lame) and theer was this woman who had one child and then had a stillborn and was there having her third. But when the narrator announced the baby's birth, he just said it was their second child. Irritated the piss out of me.

msfitzita said...

Ugh, yes. For sure. "Do you have any kids?" is a question I absolutely abhor. Because, "Yes, but they're all dead" is an awful answer to have to give.

It's such an innocent question. Who knew there were people out there with such sad and complicated answers? Who knew I'd be one of them?


Bon said...

i think the cards would be a smashing idea.

i still give different answers to "is this your first?" depending on who i'm talking to. and i still hate either conversation.