Shameless plea for donations

Two really good causes. $5 each would make a big difference. And what is that really? A couple fewer expensive cups of coffee?

First, The MOM Project is desperately in need of funds. We are trying to achieve two goals...the first is to maintain our supply of free mother's bracelets to grieving mothers. The second is to obtain our tax-exempt status (which is not ironic is that?).

Second, my animal rescue friend, Kelly, is participating in the Relay for Life. She has been very kind to me during the last two years and I would love to return the favor and provide her some support. She is already planning to walk in memory of her grandmother and her friend's son...and in honor of her mother, stepfather, sister-in-law, boyfriend, and even her dog (who is also a cancer survivor). If you are so inclined to donate, she will walk in memory/honor of your loved one(s).


DD said…
I just popped over to the MOM Project and took care of that through PayPal. Thanks for the prod.
pipsylou said…
consider it done, sweet friend. i'm going to contact my friend who makes adorable doll clothes and ask her to send me some. going to target to get single use cameras. i hate that MOM even has to exist, but glad that it does.
Catherine said…
You are the BEST! THANK YOU!

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