Thursday, March 08, 2007

Projects update

Now that certain projects have hit their marks, I can provide an update...
The hat was for Julie's Lauren. It is made of baby silk and is oh-so-soft. The embroidered pieces were hired out (she admits shamefully). Once I was done with the hat, I clued into the fact that it is obviously way too big. But I wanted to ship it all out before Lauren outgrew the rest of it. I figure she'll grow into it. (Thanks for the picture Julie.)

This blankie went to Rachel's Asher.

This is the afghan for a the works... The yarn is not really this olive looking in person. I'm still learning to work my fancy new camera and my colors are a bit off.

This is the baby set for a friend who recently revealed that the color should be BLUE! (Yes, this yarn is baby blue even though it looks white in this picture) Yay for blue! ('Cause the green just wasn't working for me.)

This will be for mom...hopefully by the beginning of July (unless she changes her mind again). There will be modifications, of course. Mom has chosen a dark silver/gray satiny fabric to replace the red...and a white satiny fabric with silve embroidery for the front inset. We also bought some gorgeous contrasting trim, but I can't remember what it looks like right now (we have been shopping for two years for this thing). I will definitely post progress pics as they happen (some of which may be me pulling all my hair out in frustration).

I have found the most amazing fabric website at Ethelbird & Eliza Kids. Too.Much.Fabric.In.Stash...Must.Not.Spend.Money.

Beads...too many bracelets. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of the next batch before they go out.


Brenda said...

Well you are just the most clever little dickybird I know!

Very beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, just gorgeous Catherine! I do a little crocheting myself but nothing like this :) Really impressed.

X Artblog

Laura said...

Everything is gorgeous!!

Okay, are you making that dress??? Now I'm embarassed about my dinky little purses! :)

kate said...

You're quick and very talented! And if you make that dress i MUST see a picture of it!!

Heather said...

It is all gorgeous! Wow!

Bronwyn said...

Holy crap, how talented are you?! Everything you made is absolutely gorgeous! What is your mom's dress for, if you don't mind sharing?

Stephanie said...

hmmm...those lovely green squares....I LOVE THEM!!! :) :)

You'll have to tell me where you had that embroidering done - I would like to have a few things done but haven't found a connection here...

Everything is beautiful Kate - you have such a talent!

Anonymous said...

I admire how creative you are. My mom is good at all that stuff, too. She can scrapbook like nobody's business. Those talents were NOT passed on to me.

I wish I had an ounce of your craftiness (is that a word??!?)!