Conversations this morning

Sam: Is today tomorrow?

Me: is today.

Let me explain the today and tomorrow thing.

Today is today.

Tomorrow is after you go to sleep for the night

But when you wake up it is always today.


Sam: So yesterday and tomorrow are today?

Me: Uh...yeah.
Me: Turn the very pregnant lady off of my television.

Steve: OK...I thought it was just me. (changing channels)

Me: Turn the pregnant orangutan off of my television.

Steve: What the f***?!?!
Steve: What are you doing?

Sam: Nothing.

Steve: What did you do with your dish?

Sam: I put my cup in the dishwasher.

Steve: Yeah...the dishwasher is full of clean dishes.

Sam: Oh.

Steve: Go take your dirty dish out of the dishwasher.
Sam: Mommy, can I brush your hair?

Me: Sure.

Sam: Because when you laid down you got it all messed up.

Steve: I think he's saying you've got bed head.


Brenda said…
Very funny Mrs Bed Head!!!!
I love Sam's questions. (only because I don't have to answer them!!lol)


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