Friday, February 23, 2007

so little

The pages sit on my printer waiting to be slid quietly into envelopes marked "DO NOT BEND" and mailed off to places all over the world.

It seems so little.
Just pieces of paper.
Until you turn them over and read them...

Alessandra P

Ryane S

Emily Lauren S

Leah Renee B

Caleb Nathaniel C


Joshua James K

A birthday and vital statistics.
Names of parents who will never again hold their dreams.

Commemorative birth certificates.
Recognition of Life certificates.
Just pieces of paper.

So little to help heal broken hearts.
Little papers to recognize their little babies gone too soon.

How can things so little be so important?


:) n said...

proof of existence.

proof of the relationship and love that exists.

those little things provide the connection to our loved ones gone.

one of my most important possessions is a piece of paper which my mom wrote my name on. she was real. our love existed. i feel her in that piece of paper. my love for her is still alive. it didn't die when she did. nor did our relationship.

proof of existence.

Bronwyn said...

We got nothing official with Lydia's name on it, so I can understand how important those certificates will be to those parents. (Even the card with her footprints on it just says Baby F___, though we gave the staff her name.) That's a really nice and thoughtful thing you're doing!

Brenda said...

I have just started sending them to the girls in my support group. They are all over the moon. So trust me, it DOES mean so very much to these women.