Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday update

Watched Armageddon on Encore this morning and cried. I LOVE that movie.

Watched the noon news and freaked out. The mother-in-law is fine...the tornado missed her part of the neighborhood. It's probably not a good sign that we didn't even know this had happened until a day later. Guess we should watch the news more often.

We went out for a "day of fun" and it did not devolve into one of us screaming at the others...well...except for that brief tantrum of Sam's where we couldn't figure out what the hell was his problem (but that's pretty routine for us on any day).

I bought yarn to finish a friend's baby blanket. I also bought a couple sweaters for my little Blue girl and a few bones for the other freaks (aka dogs).

Steve bought a HUGE television. (insert wifely eye roll and shoulder shrug here)

It is currently 10 degrees (-8 with the wind chill) outside. We went for ice cream. You can't beat a Coldstone Creamery coupon...anytime of the year. But I think I'm freezing to death from the inside out.

Had a brief scare when the credit card machine wouldn't work and Sam feared he may have to wash dishes to pay for his ice cream.

My loving husband also bought me a Midnight Delight cake for my upcoming birthday on the 8th (I'll be 35...that's a whole other post...coming soon).

Got home and put on jammies and a sweatshirt.

I guess I should scare up some dinner and get some crocheting done. Tomorrow is a full day of installing laminate flooring. Fun, fun, fun.

Oh yeah...The previous entry was a scan of instructions for the bath towel tower we bought at Linens N Things a few weeks back. Nothing like having instructions that cause you to go, "Huh?!?!?!" But in their defense, I emailed the company with a request for replacement parts (some were damaged right out of the box) and they FedExed them to us rather quickly. Steve says he thinks they acted so expeditiously because they were so glad we didn't mention the instruction mistake. Of course, that does not prevent me from blogging the instruction mistake and sharing the chuckle with the internets. If you're in the market for some pretty pretty furniture, check out Foremost Groups Inc.. Great customer service...really funny instructions.

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Kathy McC said...

Oohhh new jammies. You can never go wrong with PJ's. Hope your upcoming birthday is wonderful!!