Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Quiet is good

Quiet is good...though not necessarily interesting to write or read about. I have sufficiently recovered from my post-birthday cake-induced sugar coma to come up with absolutely nothing to write about. And it is good.

The house: The contractor installed the trim upstairs yesterday, though I did not get a picture of it just yet. As soon as I touch up the paint, the second floor addition will be officially DONE! (8-10 week project my ass) Now we have work to do on the stairwell and the new and improved living room...and then the workers can get the heck out of my house! (Is it so much to ask, since they are there during the day, that they let the old dog out, instead of letting him poop on my living room floor? geez! Though, if you ask Steve, the even more annoying thing about their presence in our house is the collection of Market District coffee cups lined up on every available flat surface. We have a construction dumpster, for pete's sake. Is it SO hard to throw your trash away? Yes...we're ready to have them out of our house.)

Sam-a-lama: Is exhibiting some, shall we say, interesting behaviors. He has a trash bag full of loved toys he has to earn back by keeping his bedroom clean for the rest of this week. He had to write a note of apology to his daycare provider for his nasty attitude. It gets better when they're older, right?

Steve: What's there to say about the most amazing man in the world? I love him and I'm hoping he'll take me shopping for beads and a tattoo sometime soon. Yes, it's weird. No, there is no explanation.

The pets: All still alive and accounted for. One horse has a weird cough, but seems ok otherwise. At least one dog had worms. Hopefully the treatment got rid of them. One cat has decided he must sleep on the bed with us...and wakes us up with his yowling if he is somehow accidentally locked out of the room at night. Seven fish still alive...though I think I forgot to feed them yesterday...so maybe I better not speak too soon.

Crocheting: Moving along at a snail's pace. Everyone seems to think I should take time out from my favorite pastime to cook and clean. How do I dispel this notion?

Cooking and cleaning: We have one clean bowl and we ate KFC for dinner last night. If this isn't the reason I'm not getting crocheting done, then what is? hmmmm...

Work: I had to tell a client that I would not represent his stance on an issue that included, "putting it back in the judge's lap." I actually said the words, "No, I will not do that...I have to practice law in this county and I will not jeopardize my career for your indefensible position." I bet the complaints roll in to my boss upon his return from vacation.

Tonight: Valentine's card preparation with Sam. Should be fun.

Quiet is good.


kate said...

yeah, i'm not against quiet myself...

today it is pretty quiet here...ok, as i typed that Chloe dumped the whole salt shaker of salt on her mac & cheese....and she has decided to wear 'big girl underpants' though i am pretty sure she is unwilling to actually try to make it to the bathroom every time. So maybe i should say 'it is quiet here for the next 5 minutes..."

kate said...

ok, now she's eating styrofoam peanuts??

Bronwyn said...

Have fun with the Valentine cards tonight! And I hope wish you a speedy recovery with the home reno. There's nothing worse than when house guests outstay their welcome -- especially when you're paying them handsomely for the privilege!

Kenna said...

I feel your pain on the construction! We had some attic space finished out. They started early Sept and told me 3 weeks... and didn't finish til the end of January when I pitched an absolute fit! It will be worth it though!

And I remember the cups (pop bottles, you name it) on every flat surface. It's FRUSTRATING!

Bon said...

yes, quiet is indeed good. hard to get used to, when you've gotten accustomed to trauma and pain and sideswipes...but once you're really able to settle into it and accept it and stop looking for the sky to fall, it's kinda nice.

i'm kinda there now. probably means the sky's going to fall tomorrow, of course, but...the quiet's nice in the meantime.

miraclebaby said...

Quiet is lovely. Glad that project is done, too. Thanks for the goodies!!!

Brenda said...

Yes quiet is always nice.