Friday, February 16, 2007

Miscellaneous thoughts

Valentine's Day...sucked. And then Sam sat down next to me with his little kid heart-shaped box of chocolates and says, "Mommy, you can have some of my chocolate since you don't have any."

I swear I did NOT put him up to it.
Good songs...
Find Out Who Your Friends Are...Tracy Lawrence
Anyway...Martina McBride
Moments...Emerson Drive (but listen to the song before you watch the video)
My "monthly visitor" was six days late and I had a bit of a freak out. She's here now and I'm good again.
This is unforgivable. However, a policy of euthanizing after a mere 72 hours is barbaric. Why are people so prone to a ride on the pendulum from one extreme to another???
I think I'm irritable. I want to tell people to shut the hell up already. Seriously. Bitch and moan somewhere else, will ya? I don't wanna hear it.
Pedigree made me cry with this commercial. Two days of running the ad during the Westminster show raised over a million dollars for the American Humane Association. I guess they made a few other people cry too. Good for them!
I hurt and there is no way to rid myself of the pain.
And I'm tired of talking about it...while at the same time I don't get to talk about it nearly enough.
Am I the only one who thinks people who go out in snowstorms are stupid? And am I the only one who thinks that their complaints about the road conditions are even more stupid? I mean really. Unless you're bleeding out of some orifice, why are you out in your car in a snowstorm? Who bears the responsibility for this? They poor schmuck who plows the roads? lose.
I'm finding myself enjoying the company of people I wouldn't normally have enjoyed...and disliking the company of some people I thought were friends. Odd.

I don't know what to say to people. About anything. I alternate between absolute silence...not having any idea what to say...and wanting to scream at them. Somebody pass me some chocolate.

(please don't email and ask if it's you I dislike now...I'm not gonna tell you the truth if it is you anyway)
My baby blanket for a friend's baby is almost done. It should get sent out sometime early next week. I hope she likes it. If she doesn't like it, I hope she just quietly gives it to charity or something. (I always get intense fear of rejection as soon as a project nears completion.)

I hope to have pics at some point. Stay tuned.
I go blithely along in my day-to-day and I'm fine. And then the simplest moments hit me like a ton of bricks.

I will never hear my sweet boys say that they love me (or their daddy)...and I feel tremendous guilt.

If only...
I think I'm going to go scrounge up some chocolate now...


sarahbobeara said...

that adoption commercial makes me cry too...i think it airs on nickjr sometimes.

and so if you have an old dog and he gets lost in las vegas w/o his collar, if he spends 72 hours in that shelter there's a good chanced he'll be put down?!?! that's a bunch of crap. and how do you not notice a bunch of sick animals in your own shelter?!?! stupid humans.

Aurelia said...

I love Sam...can I marry him?

Brenda said...

Oh that commercial is just so sad!!!


Chuck said...

I agree about that commercial. I didn't watch all the show because of it. However, I give freely to my local HS and the rescue where I got my last 3 dogs, so I don't feel too guilty.

And that atrocity in Las Vegas? Head should roll over that, and I don't mean animal heads. My God people are barbaric.

chaos_girl said...

They knew about the sick animals- they weren't being honest, that's for dang sure. Took a distemper dog out of that shelter- they KNEW it had distemper (had the paperwork from the vet work-up) and they put it back out for adoption, with six puppies.

Can't fix stupid.

The 72 hours probably won't start ticking for strays- only for turn-ins. Strays typically are given a holding period (48-72 hours) and afterwards, out for adoptions.

I think it's ridiculous to go from a 120 day holding to 72 hours!!! What about 60 days? What about 30 days??? Blah!

Depressionista said...

I could feel the pain in this post. I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you. I wish you didn't feel guilty...but I understand it because I've been there too. I tell myself I did the best I could have at the time, with the knowledge I had, with the choices I was given, and I know you did too.

I hope you feel better soon.