Thursday, February 15, 2007

If you live in a glass house...

Today I went off on a rampage about poor customer service and people who are "idiots."

A bank whose online service said payments made before 4pm would post the same day...forgetting to include a notice that that policy only applies during weekdays.

An electric company who waived a bill in November, failed to get an accurate reading on our meter, and re-billed us for the same (waived) electricity in January.

But then...

Then, I went to the bank to pay my mortgage...that I apparently already scheduled to be paid through my online bill pay. I about had a heart attack when I handed the teller the check and she informed me there wasn't enough money in the account to cover it (because it had already been subtracted). Talk about embarassing.

Then, I tried to pay for my carseat order with the credit card that has our home improvement charges on it and, therefore, not enough of an available limit to pay for said carseat (until the bank sends us the remainder of our loan and we pay a chunk of it off).

Yeah...I guess I shouldn't be so critical of other "idiots."

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Aurelia said...

Well you can complain to me anytime, and I swear I'll never say a word of reproach back. :)