Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yeah, this blog is fun to read

I stole this from DD. It's a list of first lines. You post the first line of the first post of each month. Heh...witty and clever I am definitely not.

2006 in review...I'm particularly fond of July. Blech.

January: 2005 is in the record books.

February: It seems that everything is sucking the energy right out of me these days and I'm just not finding inspiration to write.

March: Steve and I have been invited to play fantasy baseball.

April: It's so strange the things that will take me back, or throw me forward, in time to an emotional place that I'm still not really sure how to handle other than with tears.

May: I hadn't seen her a few weeks.

June: This morning I changed the calendar on my month-at-a-glance desk-pad.

July: When you delivered, we sent off for genetic studies---it failed to grow (when we send off for this type of study, sometimes the cells don’t grow---which we need them to do to get a genetic profile on the baby).

August: Home today with the munchkin.

September: My office neighbor proclaimed excitedly this morning, "It's September already!"

October: Sam would watch this for hours if I let him. (Elmo)

November: My arms ache and I need to buy more paint to complete the job.

December: I have a bitch. What's new, right?

I definitely need to work on my lead sentences. Looking at this, I'm surprised anyone reads this blog...I'm not sure I would read it if I weren't writing it.


Anonymous said...

I definitely will be thinking a little harder about my first least to the first post of the month. After that it's just a matter of lowering my expectations.

three minute palaver said...

Catherine, I have just Tagged you with Bugsy's 'Weird Meme'. If you've got a spare moment, and can be bothered doing it this time of year, you can check my blog for details. Take care of yourself and happy new year ***

Windfall Woman said...

I read it. I love it.