Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Miscellaneous thoughts

I snorted. I handed the cashier my money and said, "I think there's seven dollars there, but you better count it because I'm having a bad morning." And then instead of laughing...I snorted. WTF?!?!
I'm not THAT person. I have no other way to say it anymore. I think it means that I'm not the person that people expect me to be. I'm still me. I'm not going to make a scene and embarass you. I'm not going to talk incessantly about my dead kids and make you uncomfortable. I'm not going to cry and dissolve into a puddle at the sight of someone else's baby. I'm not THAT person (though I may be the person who snorts at her own jokes now...but I'm as surprised by that as anybody).
I bought faucets and sinks first thing when demolition started at the end of August. YESTERDAY (go the math...that's three and a half MONTHS later), the contractor tells me my faucet won't work with my sink. I'm beginning to wonder why contractors aren't murdered more often. Justifiable homicide...that's all I'm sayin'.
I LOVE the smell of the Yankee Candle Mistletoe candle I got at a candle exchange. I want to stick my face in the middle of it and just smell and smell. This may necessitate a trip to a Yankee Candle store, much to the chagrin of my husband. Hey...maybe I can do that while I'm out buying a new freaking faucet! No...I'm not bitter at all. :o)
I'm not about to jump in front of a bus or anything. I realize this blog makes me sound very sad and pathetic. But (or "burt" as I just typed...I have GOT to cut these fingers nails down), I use this blog as my sounding board. The place to get out all the stuff I can't or won't say elsewhere. I'm actually a pretty "normal" person in real life. Yeah, I've got a few visible emotional scars...but who doesn't? So I deal with life the best way I can. I even laugh on occasion!
The flooring in the master suite is officially done done done! We put in the last row of wood laminate last night. It looks fabulous, if I do say so myself. I'm pretty proud of us. Now, if we can just get the contractor crap out of the common areas upstairs, we can do the flooring there too. The bedroom carpet comes Saturday morning. And then, with a little luck and a kick in the pants, the contractor will do our stairs and be DONE with the official renovation part of the project.

Of course, we're going to hire him to do some work in our downstairs now (discounted for the caved in ceiling), so we're not completely in the clear. But I see myself soaking in my jacuzzi tub sometime in the not too distant future. Maybe I will get a New Year's celebratory bath. I mean, really...a new year that starts in a Jacuzzi tub with a glass of wine has GOT to be better than the last two new years...pregnant with no wine. Ooooh...I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it.
I may run off with the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Seriously. These cookies where you unwrap the package, pop em in the oven, bake them, take them out, ice them, and put little edible holiday stickers on them...freaking genius! I look like supermom to my kid! I love you Pillsbury! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Speaking of food. I made yummy turkey noodle soup for my lunch today. Guess where it is? Go ahead. Guess. Yep. At home in the refrigerator. I am a dumb ass.
------------------------------------------ is moving upstairs.
Thursday night...Browns v. Steelers football!
Friday...helping some friends move their furniture (because we're crazy like that...we just LOVE to move furniture! Be might be next).
Saturday...Christmas decorations are going up.
Sunday...sleeping, eating, heavy drinking and football watching.
Sounds like a plan.
I have to send my secret pal another package. I had a ton of boxes that would have worked. But I got in a snit and had Steve throw them all away. And of course, this one time, he listened to me. Now I have no box to use. grrrrr! Like I said...I am a dumb ass.
How much is too much to spend on wallpaper border for inside a walk-in closet?
I think that's all that's swirling around in my brain...for now.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the snorting thing!

And the boxes??? I would totally do just that and regret it later.

Anonymous said...

"How much is too much to spend on wallpaper border for inside a walk-in closet?"

I'd say any amount!

Dana said...

LOL i snort but thankfully, it's usually just in front of phil and he's used to it by now. ;)

isn't that candle AWESOME? i was seriously having second thoughts on giving that one away at the exchange. ;) i have another awesome one for christmas but i'm still trying to finish up that dang autumn wreath. arg!

i can't believe how close you guys are to being done. how exciting!!! i cna't wait to see all the pics! :)

wallpaper border for a walk in closet.... hmmmm, can i see the said closet? he he!!

Catherine said...

tee hee...Treggles...must be a man thing...because Steve has pretty much the same opinion. But if it means he doesn't have to paint anymore, he's all for it. :o)

One Mother's Journey said...

Yeah that must be a man thing - I wanted to put a border in our walk in and Michael thought I had completely lost it. I gave in and thought maybe it was a stupid idea however now that you're talking about doing it I think I'm ready to stand my ground and bring it back up again! I want a freaking border... Who cares that no one is going to see it... I will.

Lisa P. said...

I'm not up on the Browns' stats this year but my hometown team hasn't exactly been playing games of the stellar variety. You may have a pleasant Thursday whilst my husband may yell at the TV a lot. ;-)

Megan said...

My only problem with the pillsbury ready made cookies is that they never make it into the stove (((blush))) They go right into my mouth (((blush)))

R said...

I think I just had an orgasm from the candy cane pie I just ate. It only had 35 grams of fat per slice, 460 calories! Not bad! ;) Now I want some Pillsbury cookies, too. I love your blog. Thanks for being real.

Holley said...

I think you should just start randomly moving the furniture of your readers.

Don't warn them. Just move the furniture and see if they notice.

And there is no such thing as too much to spend on the border. If it makes you happy, go for it.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous...i have waited for more than 2 years to move *my* furniture...

And my hubby won't let me paint. (not from any kind of chivalry, but because he says i am a lousy painter.) But he's not painting i suspect i will be waiting for at least another year for the moving of the furniture??