Friday, November 24, 2006

New Holiday Tradition

Last year I was up and at Walmart at 8:30. Today I'm striving to beat that record by about an hour and a half. Yes, I'm up...WE'RE up...and we're going shopping! And there is this strange feeling surrounding the whole pending adventure. Something that hasn't visited here for a long while.

I think we're going to...dare I say it...?

Have fun?!?!

There is no sense of pending doom or feeling like this is a chore and the holidays are something to just "get through." There is a little guilt lying in there somewhere. Like maybe I haven't given Travis appropriate respect. But I'm going to leave that for another day and go spend some money on some Christmas gifts.

Have fun today wherever you are!


Laura said...

Oh wow, you're brave! I've never done the Friday after Thanksgiving shopping thing. Too scared. I'm trying to think of something insightful to say about a very important part of this post--but I'm having trouble with words here at 6am--I think it's wonderful that you are excited about shopping today. It's alright! Take your fun where and when you can get it, I say.

Anonymous said...

I've never done Black Friday...but i hope you have fun! And good luck!

Anonymous said...

You deserve to enjoy yourself. I hope you have fun.