Thursday, November 30, 2006

I tried to post pictures

But Blogger would only allow me this one. So this is the only one I'll post for now.

Sam's Cars border is up along the top. I LIKE it. I think with the other decorations the red paint disaster won't be so noticeable.

And even more importantly, Sam danced around in there and said, "It looks so cool Mom!" Never mind that my baby boy is saying these things and growing up too fast...but I'm thrilled that he likes it.

**No, he's not sleeping in there yet. In fact, he tried to pull out the old, "I might not be able to sleep in here because I might see a monster." I told him all the cars stuff would keep any monsters away. Plus, his Daddy (being the quick-thinking genius he is) told him that Shamus the cat would most likely sleep with him...and maybe one of the dogs he would be perfectly safe. He seemed somewhat convinced....especially when we told him that he could always come to our room as long as he TRIED to sleep in his room. Here's hoping we're not up for too much of a fight.**

The other pictures I have yet to share include the jacuzzi tub progress and the newly installed ceiling light above the stairs (with painted walls even).

This weekend...flooring!


Holley said...

It looks great!

Sam must be deleriously happy now!

Is he sleeping up there with a sleeping bag yet?

Anonymous said...

That really does look awesome!

CJ said...

I told my kids that the paint store put in special monster-keep-out liquid in the paint. And with a border, he's extra-special safe!

Mindi said...

Great color! My living room is this color. you have a good eye ;-)