I'm back!

We (Steve, Sam and I) spent a few days in beautiful Virginia Beach (we rented a couple of beach houses) with an amazing group of women and their beautiful children. Much chaos and hilarity ensued. It was a good good time.

I was supposed to meet up with Kathy. But our itinerary messed us up on the location and we shot right past her on our way to VA Beach. I'm really sad we didn't get a visit...but now that I've discovered it's not TOO far from home, I hope we can plan a visit sometime in the near future.

I did, apparently, walk right past Lisa P while at a rest stop on the PA turnpike. I didn't see her, but she saw me. Strange, huh? I wish she would have said hi. That would have been a kick in the pants.

I'm ok. We're ok. The animals are ok. The house is ok (still no siding...but I'm a patient person). I have lots to talk about, but the "f" key on my laptop is giving me problems. So I'll post more from work tomorrow.



deadbabymama said…
Do you need the 'f' key a lot for this new post?!
Kathy McC said…
Glad you made it back safely! We were sorry to have missed the visit, too, but I am sure we can work something out soon.
lauralu said…
stopping in to say hi...i'm a bad reader these days but i think about you daily. glad you had a great vay-cay. hope you can join us next week for rocktoberfest!
Lisa P. said…
Wow... I'm still amazed I saw you -- I just wish I would have recognized you sooner -- my mind apparently clicked all the pieces together one by one, but didn't do so fast enough -- I didn't make the connection until we were pulling away from our parking space! :) Small, small world we live in...
Jill said…
well if you are walking past MY house, feel free to drop in for a week or whatever;)

Glad you had fun, glad you are back too. I get twitchy after a few days of no new Catherine thoughts!
Treggles said…
Oooo! New template!
Holley said…
Blink. Blink. Blinkety blink.

New template.


Glad you had a nice trip.
love the new template. and also, wanted to say, if you are walking by my house in Melbourne drop by for tea or hard liquor :)
That picture is beautiful! How funny that someone you 'know' saw you at a rest stop :) Too bad you missed meeting Kathy. I hope you all had a wonderful trip!

And I tell you, one of these days I'm going to just accept a transport from your area back to mine so we can meet up :)
kate said…
Welcome back, glad you had a nice trip!
R said…
Love your new look! Welcome back!

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