Sunday, October 22, 2006

Even pumpkins?!?!

I planned to grow pumpkins this year. But like a lot of things, it just didn't happen. Hell, I planned to grow a kid and that didn't happen. So I gave up the idea of pumpkins along with the idea of most anything else that required care to grow. In fact, I only got a few peas, tomatoes and peppers out of my garden because I just didn't feel that growing spirit in me.

So we'll go to the pumpkin patch and I'll smile and take pictures. I guess that's not so bad when you consider the long list of disappointments this year.

And aren't I a freakin' ball of sunshine? Geez...I don't even want to listen to myself.

I just want to buy a pumpkin without feeling sad.

It's only a pumpkin...not a metaphor for my life...really.


Lisa P. said...

"I just want to buy a pumpkin without feeling sad."

God, you could've taken the words right out of my mouth. Our local farm used to let you drive right into the lot next to the pumpkin patch, pick your own, pay, and leave. This year (and last, apparently) they now have a "package" whereby even if you have no kids, you get to PAY them eight dollars *apiece* to stand in line, ride a hayride with all the other families, and pick your pumpkin. Oh, and you get to "run through a cornstalk maze." Unless you want to pick one from the large "pit" down at the bottom where the toddlers are crawling on them, posing for pictures. Delightful. When I voiced a complaint, I was looked at like I had three heads. Why wouldn't anyone WANT to do all that??

Why *wouldn't* we. Good question.

I'm sorry anything has to make any of us sad. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Yep, why does food signal so many metaphors? I mean, if it was alcohol, we could go to rehab, but food and home we can't avoid. I'm sorry, I hope you're okay.