Thursday, October 26, 2006

Crafting and shopping and other non-birth/death related activities

~Do you have any idea how hard it is to craft in a house that is under construction?

~I have almost finished the not-so-secret gift for a friend's baby. K...I spent yesterday's seminar time crocheting away and it's almost finished. I should have it ready to mail out to you by Monday. It is completely impractical but I hope you like it anyway.

~I need to buy a snap setter for my charity sewing of burial gowns. eBay here I come.

~I have to unearth my sewing machine in order to sew for my charity sewing of burial gowns. Where do I put the mountain of crap that is currently sitting on top of the sewing machine? I guess it doesn't matter since the whole house looks like a disaster area.

~My secret santa shopping is done for my birth month message board exchange. This particular mom was a challenge, since I don't know her real well. But I think I picked something she'll like. Now to shop for family gifts. Christmas is right around the corner!

~Speaking of shopping, I get to shop for a baby girl gift for my friend's new baby! I just love pink and ruffles.

~I've been shopping for my Secret Pal...there are too many things I want to get her. How do you shop for yarn? Color? Fiber? Weight? Price? I can't talk about what I'm planning here, because I don't want to chance my pal figuring out my identity.

~I'm allergic to my "Alex ring." Figures. (If you have sensitive skin, do not buy ArtCarved rings made with their "Silver Select" metal.) The gold ring with all three boys' names that was purported to be solid gold, but was, in fact, a hollow gold band, was lost in the mail upon return to Limoges Jewelry. (I wouldn't buy anything else from them either, since their product descriptions misrepresent the actual items.) I'm thinking I should give up the idea of a ring at this point.

~Blogger has not been very cooperative lately. I'm thinking of switching but I don't want to spend a lot of money and I want all my archives to follow me. Any ideas oh wise and wonderful internets?

~Favorite Halloween candy? Mary Janes (in orange and black wrappers)


Julie said...

I'm allergic to Caleb's footprint pendent. It's sterling silver, but still breaks me out, so I can't wear it. Gotta get a white gold chain, and HOPE I can wear it that way. Figures, doesn't it?

JMB said...

If you are still wanting a ring, I would suggest trying to find a jeweler to just make you one. My husband had one made that was just a band (looks like it started out life as a mens wedding band) and then had the appropriate birthstones channel set into the band. Having it custom made may not be as expensive as you might think and it would be worth it to be able to actually wear it. What I liked about the design of the ring was that due to the lack of complexity, more stones can be added along the line. The other upside to having it made is that you can control the materials-I break out from the plated stuff too.

Sarah said...

What kind of snap press are you looking for? A lady I bought some cding supplies from had one for sale? It was for plastic snaps.

One of my first experiences with sewing was making gowns for babies born still. It has a special place in my heart.

I'm sorry about your ring. I have a similar allergy and it makes me sad.